Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Borrowing Courage

I am sorting through DVDs for Mum to watch. She struggles with managing a remote control now, can't remember which button does what. Sometimes she resists changing channels incase she finds herself lost in a snowstorm. Discs are easier and make for reliable viewing.

She has had enough of David Attenborough for now, she says. She loved it, she said, but what about one of those and she gestures the pile beside The Frozen Planet.   'Those look good', she says, 'I'll try one of those'.

She has seen them all. But I don't say that. Instead I say, 'oh mum, silly me, I ought to have made a note of which ones you've seen before and which ones you have not, I can't remember'.

Mum waves me away, 'oh don't worry', she laughs, 'even if I have seen then, I'll have forgotten anyway'.

I need to learn to face her fragile memory with the courage that she does.

1 comment:

  1. Aww bless her. She obviously knows her memory is failing, but would have fiercely denied it, had you confronted her with it.